If you’ve decided to lose weight, or you’re trying to bulk up and lean out, you probably have some—okay, a lot—of questions about what happens next. In the mix: How does fat leave the body? Like, does it magically disappear into the air? Is there a super complicated mechanism that happens in your body that you don’t know about? This really isn’t something they cover in school—or, at least, not in mine.

Turns out, fat can leave your body in a few different ways—and they’re all pretty fascinating. (More on those in a sec, but at least one is sci-fi level cool.) Of course, there’s a right way to go about fat loss and a wrong way to approach this. Trying to lose too much weight too quickly can set you back and even put your health at risk, making it important to get this right from the start. While you’ve likely heard about some fat loss don’ts before, it never hurts to reiterate them. So, how does fat leave the body and what can you do to speed up the process if that’s your goal? Obesity medicine specialists break it all down. To read the full story.