Promoting STEM in High School and Earlier


New Jersey 4-H has unique after school programs and science club opportunities that encourage excitement and accomplishment in science learning.
The Rutgers Youth Enjoy Science (RUYES) program seeks to encourage youth from groups that are underrepresented in the biomedical sciences to pursue cancer research and healthcare careers.
Decision for Dentistry – This program allows students to explore the dental profession as a possible career while shedding light on the dental school experience.
BOLD (BioCONECT Oncology Leadership Development) Initiative -A unique summer learning opportunity for students who have an interest in learning about cellular biology and genetics of cancer, as well as the diverse careers connected to the field.
2024 Toxicology, Health & Environmental Disease (THED) High School Summer Program -Students will participate in a variety of activities encompassing laboratory ethics, experimental design, genetics, drug disposition and pharmacogenetics, and forensic toxicology.
The Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP) provides opportunities for high school students and their teachers to conduct an authentic research project in molecular biology and bioinformatics and publish their findings.
PHocus – Summer Experience, Grades 9-12 | Rutgers School of Public Health: An interdisciplinary educational program organized by the Rutgers School of Public Health for high school students in grades 9-12. Students will explore population health and learn the fundamentals of epidemiology, the basic science of public health.
PHOENIX (Population Health Outreach and Education for Next generation Impact and eXcellence): A free five-day crash course for high school students/would-be health care professionals from across Central New Jersey, with the aim of introducing the students to the health professions, population health, and community service.
BIO Links Program: BIO Links is a teaching K-12 outreach program which allows graduate students and postdocs the opportunity to volunteer in local public schools. BIO Links volunteers are paired with a science teacher from a local school and make a commitment to visit one class per week for nine weeks.
The NJ Governors STEM Scholar Program: A public-private partnership between the Research & Development Council of New Jersey and New Jersey government entities, the NJ Governors STEM Scholar Program brings together a diverse and representative group of high school and post-secondary student leaders who are interested in pursuing a STEM-related major and career. This program designs and delivers research career development opportunities to high school students through early career basic, translational and clinical scientists.