When the Rutgers Global Health Institute was created in 2017, its leaders had a question for colleagues on campus: How many were engaged in global health? To find out, the institute did what any group of scientists seeking answers might do: It conducted a survey.

Even today, the results paint a compelling picture of Rutgers’ commitment to health equity: Of the 653 projects identified in disciplines as diverse as business and engineering, more than half involved New Jersey populations, underscoring the idea that improving global health outcomes starts at home.

Since the founding of Rutgers Health in 2013, improving the health of New Jerseyans has been a key priority – and creating a healthier, more innovative future for the people of New Jersey has driven that mission. Rutgers faculty, students, and staff are taking measurable actions to address social, economic, and racial inequities by partnering with local organizations that work with marginalized populations. To read the full story.