New Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) NOT-OD-21-134: Research Supplements to Promote Re-Entry and Re-integration into Health-Related Research Careers.

First Available Due Date: November 1, 2021

NCATS Specific Information: For investigators developing independent research careers this supplement will provide up to and no more than $100,000/year for salary, plus fringe benefits. See terms and conditions in the FOA.

Specific information for the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program:

  • The CTSA Program will accept supplement applications to active CTSA Program UL1-Linked Specialized Center Cooperative Agreement grants.
  • NCATS will accept up to two applications for review consideration during a fiscal year from any one CTSA Program hub award.

Prospective applicants and their mentors are strongly encouraged to contact their respective NCATS program officer and/or the scientific contact listed in this opportunity during the initial preparation of a supplement application and prior to its submission to discuss the goals and objectives of the supplement application.

Questions may be directed to: Jamie Mihoko Doyle, PhD (