Shana*, a critical care nurse in Pennsylvania, went for a 8.5-mile run two days before she tested positive for Covid-19. She was running as many as 20 miles per week before she came down with the illness that has now sickened more than 1.61 million in the United States. Shana’s case was “mild” as far as Covid-19 cases go — some patients end up on ventilators, others die. Yet, six weeks after she last tested positive, she still doesn’t feel anything close to normal. Shana tells Inverse she’s been battling consistent fevers and muscle aches ever since the first, and most severe, symptoms subsided. “I go through periods of hope mixed with periods of despair. I want to be able to run again and have the energy to do physical activity, but my body isn’t letting me,” she says. “I never expected this.”  To read the full story.