Clinical Research Budgeting for Industry Sponsored Studies

The Rutgers Health Clinical Trials Office (CTO) can provide budget development and negotiation services to investigators across Rutgers Health for nononcology clinical research studies that are industry sponsored. The CTO works closely with principal investigators and their study teams to create a budget with complete coverage of costs based on protocol-defined work to be completed. If a study team member prefers to develop a study budget, the CTO can provide the standard RH institutional rates and fees by request. 


In tandem, a Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) is performed in a collaborative effort with the study team to document the appropriate payor (i.e., Sponsor, Medicare or third-party) for each item and service required by a clinical research trial. Generally, budgets should be developed only after an MCA is approved and completed with Medicare’s established billing designations: routine care (RC) vs pure research (PR) procedures.  


For more information about what the CTO Budgeting Services entails and standard institutional rates, email the CTO at clinicaltrials@rbhs.rutgers.edu.

To Request the CTO Budgeting Services

Upon OnCore ePRMS study submission, initial budgetary information and coverage analysis will be collected from the study team as part of the CTO intake process. After CTO internal feasibility and Admin-SRB approval, the CTO budget analyst will incorporate partner hospital cost-gathering to develop a budget proposal for sponsor review.