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Videos from NJ ACTS First Scientific Symposium
Posters from NJ ACTS First Scientific Symposium
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Cultural Impacts on Family Functioning and Weight-related Behaviors During COVID-19 
Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia; Erika Ryan; Veronica Jones; Robin Eubanks; Jane Zeigler; Joachim Sackey; Arthur D. Nabi; Juane Jia; Laura Byham-Gray, PhD
A FRET-based HTS to Identify Antibacterial Drug Leads Targeting Ternary Complex Formation
Maxim Chudaev; Wlodek Mandecki and Emanuel Goldman
Remote Evaluation of Upper Extremity Motor Function in Persons with Stroke
Gerard Fluet; Qinyin Qiu; Amanda Cronce; Sergei Adamovich
The Feasibility, Acceptability and Preliminary Efficacy of an mHeatlh Mindfulness Therapy for Caregivers of Adults with Cognitive Impairment
Elissa Kozlov; Danielle H. Llaneza
Higher Concentration of Bacterial Enveloped Virus Phi6 Can Protect the Virus from Environmental Decay
Ronald Bangiyev; Maxim Chudaev; Donald W. Schaffner; Emanuel Goldman
Improving Mouse Models of Lung Defense: Neutrophil-Mediated Parasite Resistance, Tissue Damage and Repair in Rewilded Mice
William C. Gause; Fei Chen; Darine W. El-Naccache; Payal Damani-Yokota; Ying-Han Chen; Ken H. Cadwell; P’ng Loke; Kamal M. Khanna; Andrea L. Graham
Advancing Clinical Genomics and Precision Medicine with GVViZ
Zeeshan Ahmed; Eduard Gibert Renart; Saman Zeeshan; XinQi Dong
Planck-Shannon Classifier: A Transcription-based Method to Predict the Efficacy of Doxoribicin in Breast Cancer Patients
Sungchul Ji
Establishing Criteria for Sanger Confirmatory Testing of Next-Generation Sequencing Results
Abba Kulkari; Kara Maxwell, Katherine Nathanson
Randomized Controlled Trial of Tailored Music Listening Intervention for Sleep in Dementia
Darina Petrovsky; Nancy Hodgson
Medical Supplies Needed by Underserved Countries
Nasir Asif; Sara Subbanna; Ajay Gandhi; Nicholas Cuppari; Amgad Ghoprial
Tools for Integrity, Diversity, and Equity in Community Research from Full Partnerships to Contributory Projects
Jacklyn Skye Kelty